Address: Lajos Vermes Shore
24413 Palić, Serbia

The Lajos Vermes Shore is a well-known promenade along the shore of Lake Palić. The natural environment, the recognisable buildings of art nouveau architecture – the Grand Terrace, the Music Pavilion and the Memorial Fountain – as well as the sculptures placed in this environment, all together make an ambience marked by the footsteps of artistic creators. When we talk about the sculptures placed along the shore of the lake, we can see that these are contents with artistic value and tracks of individual artistic expression. We will emphasise only several, most recognizable accents of the walkways, works of sculptural arts. The sculpture called Wings by Ana Bešlić was placed in Palić in 1957, while the composition titled Birds (1957) of the same sculptor has been in its current place since 1964. Both of these were set up within the trend of setting sculptures in the open air and in the everyday environment of people. One of the favourite sculptures of visitors to Palić is the lyrical Autumn sun (1968) by Zlata Markov Baranji, sedentary figures of two old women. The sculptures visible along the shore of Lake Palić are made of different materials – bronze, stone and wood, and they are mostly made ​​in the period from the end of the fifties of the 20th century to the present. Among the authors of these sculptures, there are also Branko Ružić, Dušan Pašić, László Szilágyi, Vera Gabrić Počuča, Ferenc Kalmár and others.
Ljubica Vuković Dulić
1. Дуранци Бела, Габрић Почуча Вера (2001): Јавни споменици општине Суботица – Szabadkai község emlékművei. Mеђуопштински завод за заштиту споменика културе, Суботица.