Address: 5 Raichle Ferenc Park
24000 Subotica, Serbia

Phone: +381 (0)24-553-725
E-mail: liksus@open.telekom.rs

The Modern Art Gallery in Subotica was founded in 1962, and one of its main activities at the establishment was monitoring, documenting, studying and professional presentation of the work of art colonies in Yugoslavia (Šram 2003). In 1968, after the Municipal Museum was moved to the Town Hall, the Modern Art Gallery was located in a palace designed by Ferenc Raichle in the style of Art Nouveau. The Modern Art Gallery has been establishing its fine arts collection over purchasing and from the authors’ gifts, consisting of four collections, namely of paintings, graphics, sculptures and ceramics, mostly made by artists originating from the area of ​​the former Yugoslavia. There is also a graphical studio within the gallery, founded in 1982 with the aim of complementing the collection of graphics that has been created since the First Yugoslav Exhibition of Graphics, organised in Palić in 1964. The studio was designed as a workshop to foster traditional graphic techniques, primarily the intaglio printing technique (Tonković Marijanski 1989). Both renowned artists and graphic arts students of the academies of fine arts have been working here. The graphical studio also functions as a pedagogical centre for the promotion of artistic graphics. In terms of history and art, the largest and most complete segment of the fine arts collection in the Modern Art Gallery is the collection of Yugoslav graphics.

Ljubica Vuković Dulić

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