26 Fraternity Street
24323 Feketić
Phone: + 381-24-738-070
E-mail: csetesz@ptt.rs


In 1785, there were 963 settlers who came to Feketić from Kunhegyes, and they started to build their church in 1800 that was consecrated in 1802. The building shows late-Baroque notes concerning its mass, shape and decoration. Its portal is headed by a broken tympanum, and the nave is illuminated over large-sized windows with semicircular endings. The sanctuary is also with semicircular closing. The steeple presents the result of its change in 1868, together with the balustrade surrounding the Lord’s Table. The interior furnishing also shows Baroque notes, though most of it is connected to the large-scale renovation in 1900, when the ceiling was strengthened with wire netting and was transformed to vaulted shape, and the church was equipped with an organ. The decoration of the pulpit is of classical style; presumably this is the single piece of furniture that was in the church even originally. The entrance gate with majolica inlay, as well as the Lord’s Table and the baptismal font, both made of white Carrara marble are the peculiarities of this church.
Korhecz Papp Zsuzsanna
Hallgató, Imre (2002): A feketicsi református templom kétszáz éve. Forum. Újvidék.