1 Zákó Street
24331 Bajša


In the 18th and the 19th century, Bajsa was the property of the Vojnich and the Zákó noble families. The Orthodox church, dedicated in honour of Saint Demetrius was built in 1818 with the assistance of the Serbian patron, Demeter Zákó, as it is proven by the recording above the main entrance. The building with classical notes follows the late Baroque church building patterns in the architecture of this region, so the main front with one tower is broken up with pilasters. Its classical iconostasis was made in the workshop of Georgije Dević, while the paintings were created in 1854 by Jovan Klajić, who studied on the Academy in Vienna. Because of the period of its preparation, we can recognise on this good-quality collection the notes of Nasarenism as well, which gained ground in Western European sacral art at that time. It is worth to mention the two red marble tombs of the Zákó family in the interior of this one-nave church, which are also of classical style. Demeter Zákó and his wife, Ekaterina donated the silver censer and other sacral instruments to the church at its completion, which are, together with the building and its furnishing, under state protection.
Korhecz Papp Zsuzsanna
Vass, Géza (ed.) (2008): Örökségvédelem. Községközi Műemlékvédelmi Intézet, Szabadka.