Mali Iđoš

The loess wall is a rare phenomenon and spectacle in Bačka: it can only be seen around the Titelski Breg, beside Mali Iđoš. According to its general definition “…the loess formation has been explained on the basis of Agassiz and Charles Lyell’s theory, namely, that the soil is actually fine silt accumulated by glaciers. Today, Richthofen’s theory is the most common, according to which the loess is of athmosperic origin, namely wind and precipitation, and their combined effect with the activity of plants, which was generated from dust, falling in the so-called periglacial zone on the cold, grassy steppe, located in the southern edge of the ice sheet of the Pleistocene…“ The loess wall of Mali Iđoš towers above the Hegyalja Street (foot of the hill), which was formerly the rubbish-shoot of the village, before becoming the location of the arts festival: nowadays, the performers and the audience may feel themselves as if being in a Greek amphitheatre or in the middle of the world. The Dombos Fest, organised since 2001 provides an opportunity to everyone to push off from the ground or to lean on the wall, so to discover the territory between the Danube and the Tisa setting off just from here.
Árpád Papp