International conference
24–25 September 2012


24th September 2012 (Monday)
Location: Assembly hall of the Town Hall in Subotica, 1 Freedom Square


Registration of lecturers.




I. Session
Chairperson: Katalin Dr Gellér, PhD, Budapest

9.15–9.30 Judit Raffai, PhD, ethnographer – museologist, Municipal Museum of Subotica:
Presentation of the cultural route developed within the IPA project.

9.30–9.50 Katalin Dr Gellér, PhD, art historian, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Art History of the Research Centre for the Humanities, Budapest:
Dream and vision. Attila Sassy’s album titled Opium Dreams.

9.50–10.10 Őri Istvánné Nagy Cecília, art historian, Gödöllő Town Museum, Gödöllő:
Vojvodian connections of the colony of artists in Gödöllő (1901–1920).

10.10–10.30 Anna Baranyi, PhD, art historian and the leader of the Museum of Music History, by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for the Humanities, Institute for Musicology, Budapest:
Art nouveau medals and plaques of Ede Telcs.



Coffee break


II. Session
Chairperson: Dr s.c. Marija Tonković, Zagreb

11.00–11.20 Dr s.c. Marija Tonković, museum councillor – art historian, Museum of Arts and Crafts, leader of the departments and of the department of old photographs, Zagreb:
Photography in Croatia in the time of Art Nouveau.

11.20–11.40 Biljana Crvenković, museologist – art historian, Museum of Applied Art, department of ceramics, porcelain and glass, Belgrade:
Glasses of Emil Gale and the Daum brothers in the collection of the Museum of Applied Art in Belgrade.

11.40–12.00 Ljiljana Lazić, senior museologist – art historian, Novi Sad City Museum, leader of the department of fine arts and applied art, Novi Sad:
Women’s wear in Novi Sad around 1900.

12.00–12.20 Aurél Szakál, historian, ethnographer and curator of Thorma János Museum, Kiskunhalas:
The Halas lace and Art Nouveau.



Lunch break.

Organised visit to the art nouveau and baroque exhibition in the Municipal Museum of Subotica for the interested.


Sight of the assembly hall of the 100 years old Town Hall with professional guidance. Trade of specialised books.


III. Session
Chairperson: Olga Ninkov K., PhD, Subotica

13.30–13.50 Vanja Brdar Mustapić, senior museologist – art historian, Museum of Arts and Crafts, leader of the department of furniture, Zagreb:
Manufacturing bentwood furniture in North-West Croatia at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

13.50–14.10 Grgur Marko Ivanković, art historian and curator of the Museum of Slavonia, Osijek:
Art Nouveau dining-room furniture of a family in Osijek.

14.30–14.50 Ágnes Kalmár, art historian, curator of the Szórakaténusz Toy Museum and Workshop, Kecskemét:
Toys and Art Nouveau. Artistic Hungarian toys of Leon Grabowieczky in Budapest.

14.50–15.10 Zora Šipoš, senior museologist – art historian, Town Museum of Sombor, Homeland Art Collection, Sombor:
Cultural routes – Art Nouveau in the area belonging to the Town Museum of Sombor.

15.10–15.30 Ljubica Vuković Dulić, art historian – museologist, Municipal Museum of Subotica:
Art nouveau books, newspapers and magazines in Subotica at the turn of centuries.



Coffee break


IV. Session
Chairperson: Ljiljana Lazić, Novi Sad

15.50–16.10 Endre Raffay, PhD, art historian – professor, Head of Department, Senior Lecturer, University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts, Pécs:
Historical Art Nouveau – art nouveau historicism.

16.10–16.30 Zsuzsanna Korhecz Papp, chief restorer – painter, Municipal Museum of Subotica:
Restoration of two art nouveau wall paintings of Antal Szirmai in Subotica.

16.30–16.50 Olga Ninkov K., PhD, art historian – senior museologist, Municipal Museum of Subotica:
Henrik Aczél.

16.50–17.10 Branka Banjanin, art historian, Tourist Organisation of Subotica:
Subotica, the town of Art Nouveau – initiatives and activities of the Tourist Organisation.

Closing remarks


Excursion for lecturers to Palić, guided by mgr. Gordana Vujinović Prćić, architect of the Subotica Heritage Bureau.


25th September 2012 (Tuesday)


Sightseeing of the art nouveau Synagogue


Katalin Dr Keserü, PhD, university professor, Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of Humanities, Institute of Art History, Budapest:
Art Nouveau and ornamentation.
Location of the lecture: Municipal Museum of Subotica, 3 Synagogue Square


Visiting two exhibitions of the Municipal Museum – one about Art Nouveau in public collections in Subotica, the other about Sebestyén Stettner, baroque painter.


Sightseeing of the Raichle palace and of other important buildings in Subotica.