Address: 24308 Zobnatica – Agricultural-tourist complex, Municipality of Bačka Topola.
Phone: +381 (0)24-715-842
E-mail: zobnatica@open.telekom.rs

The mansion of the Törley family is an example of late classicism, which was built in 1882 for the brother of the famous champagne producer, the landowner and horse-breeder Gyula Törley (1855–1934). The castle is located about 5 kilometres from Bačka Topola and it is built as a multi-storey building with a cruciform basement. Outbuildings of the castle are stables, agricultural buildings and houses. On the side of the building there is a lookout tower, from which the whole property is visible that is today known as the agricultural-tourist complex Zobnatica, which had been privatised. Gyula Törley himself also bred horses on the property and dealt with agriculture. The complex now consists of stables, race tracks, drill hall and other facilities for horse-riding and training. The castle is the seat of a hotel and a restaurant, and it is surrounded by a neatly maintained park. There is a reservoir fifty metres from the castle. The castle is in good condition, although its appearance had changed considerably. It was named for a cultural monument. At the entrance to the estate there is a sculpture of Jadran, the most famous stud from Zobnatica, which is cast in actual size. In front of the equestrian sport museum there is the sculpture of the horse Kazan, another trophy horse of this stud.
(Olga K. Ninkov)
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