Address: Vermes Lajos Shore
24413 Palić, Serbia

In addition to the Water Tower and the Grand Terrace, the architects Dezső Jakab (Biharrév, 1864 – Budapest,1932) and Marcell Komor (Pest 1868 – Sopronkeresztúr, 1944) also designed the Women’s Lido in Palić, which was handed over at the same time with the Town Hall of Subotica in 1912, at a time when women and men have separate lidos, and bathing and sports began to flourish. It was built on the lakeshore in Hungarian Art Nouveau style. The original material used for its construction was purely wood. The entire complex is set on wooden piles – being a lake-dwelling, moved away from the shore, so that there is a small channel between the building and the shore. The swim building is located directly on the lake. A detail that connects the facility with the tradition of folk architecture is the decoration of wooden surfaces: painted floral carvings. The new way of treating wood laid in motifs and perforations that had experienced their expansion in Palić in the second half of the 19th century. The first structural damages on the object were observed during the drying of the lake in 1970 – then the wooden piles were replaced with concreted ones and the wooden pier was removed and concreted.
(Olga K. Ninkov)
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