Address: 1 Freedom Square
24000 Subotica, Serbia
Telefon: +381 (0)24-520-299
e-mail: muzejsubotica@open.telekom.rs

There is the Museum Shop and Gallery operating in the ground floor of the Town Hall since 2003, which organisationally belongs to the Municipal Museum of Subotica. It is a space that combines sale and exhibition functions. In the sales area of the souvenir shop, one can be buy handicraft works of folk art, typical to the area of North Bačka, such as objects made of natural materials, clay, straw, cornstalks, wood, wool and textile. The shop also offers objects of applied art with characteristic decorative motifs related to the town and its surroundings. Classic souvenirs like postcards, brochures, promotional CD releases and classic travel guides are inevitable parts of the offer. Here you can also find bookish thematic issues related to Subotica and the environment, from the fields of history, art history, ethnology, literature, music and the like. The exhibition area of the Museum Shop and Gallery is intended for organising exhibitions that present the work of individuals, associations and organizations dealing with old crafts and local traditional techniques of making certain objects, but also for those exhibitions that deal with natural, cultural and historical subjects of Subotica and its environment.
Ljubica Vuković Dulić