International Colony of Artists 9+1
Address: 2 School Street
24340 Stara Moravica, Serbia
Phone: +381 (0)24-741-200
E-mail: ghandi@stcable.net

The Art Colony 9+1 in Stara Moravica was founded in 1978, and it had grown out from the art section of KUD Ady Endre, when its members József Ács, Hunor Gyurkovics, Sándor Torok, István Zsáki and Mihály Novák, called the painters József Benes, Pál Petrik, Tibor Petrik, István Török, and a photographer Mihály Novák Jr. for a one-day meeting in Moravica. The colony was named 9+1 after the structure of the first session (nine artists plus one photographer). In 1997, the local government of Stara Moravica gave the colony the old Kovačić School, where the colony’s collection was also moved after renovation in 2000, and where the meetings and gatherings are organised. In this building, there is also an exhibition of paintings from the collection of the colony. Colony 9+1 is of international character and it involves both professional artists and amateurs. During the year, the work of this art colony is diverse, consisting of regular annual gatherings in spring and autumn, meetings of young artists, meetings of amateurs, meetings of selected artists, art camps etc.
Ljubica Vuković Dulić
1. Šram Olga (2003): Umetničke kolonije u Vojvodini 1952–2002. In: 50 godina umetničkih kolonija u Vojvodini. Likovni susret, Subotica, 39-40.