Municipal Museum of Subotica
Address: 3 Synagogue Square
24000 Subotica, Serbia

Phone: +381 (0)24-555-128
E-mail: muzejsubotica@open.telekom.rs

The collection of the Arts Department in the Municipal Museum of Subotica can be divided into three major parts: native collection, gallery of Hungarian artists in Vojvodina in the period between 1830–1930, and legacies and gift collections. Currently, the museum preserves nine legacies and gift collections. Although they are not exposed constantly because of the ongoing development of the permanent exhibition, some of the objects of these legacies are still exhibited as segments of other temporary exhibitions, and thus the audience can see them. In 1970, the museum in Subotica got the collection of art and personal items of Lajos Husvéth (Sombor, 1894–1956), a painter from Sombor. The widow of the painter Miloš Babić (Újszeged, 1904 – Belgrade, 1968) donated the museum a part of his stylistically diverse works in 1978, while the sculptor Ana Bešlić (Bajmok, 1912 – Belgrade, 2008) enriched the collection of the museum in Subotica with her twenty sculptures of different creative phases in 1983. The legacy of cinematographer Alexander Lifka (Brasov, 1880 – Subotica, 1952) contains objects of fine and applied arts, and it was donated by Erzsébet Lifka in 1984. The museum cares for the gift collection of Sándor Oláh (Magyarcséke, 1886 – Subotica, 1966) since 1986, while in 1987 Nada Bošan donated some paintings by György Boschán (Subotica, 1918 – Belgrade, 1984) from his various stages of painting. In 2004 and 2007 Melinda Torok and Eszter Láng gave to the museum a gift collection of Sándor Torok (Stara Moravica, 1936 – Debrecen, 2006), while the legacies of the sculptors Gábor Almási and Nándor Glid were donated to the museum in 2008 (Ninkov 2008).
Ljubica Vuković Dulić
1. Ninkov K. Olga (2008): Legati i poklon zbirke umetničkog odeljenja Gradskog muzeja. Gradski muzej, Subotica.