Museum of Bačka Topola
Address: 60 Tito Marshal Street
24300 Bačka Topola, Serbia

Phone: +381 (0)24-716-093

In the Museum of Bačka Topola, the subsidiary of the Municipal Museum of Subotica, there is the gift collection of József Ács (Bačka Topola, 1914 – Novi Sad, 1990), the painter, art critic and teacher. Beside his birth, József Ács is also bound to Bačka Topola over a part of his creative work as a painter. He had taken part in the art colony in Bačka Topola since its foundation. Within this colony, he emphasised the program of synthesis of architecture and other forms of artistic expression. He is the author of the mosaics on the facade of the National Library in Bačka Topola and in the hall of the Grammar School in Bačka Topola, both created within this program. As part of his art work, he expressed himself in a variety of artistic techniques, being one of the first artists of abstract painting in Vojvodina. A collection of his paintings was bestowed to the municipality of Bačka Topola by his two sons with a contract of gift in 2009. The gift collection consists of thirty-two pictures from several important periods of his artistic work, from the years between 1959 and 1989, as well as of documents and certificates awarded to József Ács. Works were created in various techniques (oil, screen printing, combined technique) and they could be classified into several thematic areas of predominantly nonfigurative painting. This is the only gift collection dedicated to József Ács and the first art collection in Bačka Topola that exceeds local character (Ninkov 2010).
Ljubica Vuković Dulić
1. Ninkov K. Olga (2010): Povodom osnivanja Poklon zbirke Jožefa Ača. Museion 9. 173-188.