Pacu Jovan

Aksentija Marodića 9

Jovan Paču (Aleksandrovo, 17.3.1847 – Zagreb, 30.10.1902) was a composer, a pianist and a doctor. He attended the grammar school in Subotica until 1864, and finished his schooling in Kecskemét and Bratislava. He began his medical studies in Pest (1866) and continued them in Prague (1868–1872). At the same time, he also worked on his musical education, especially in Prague, where he studied from Bedřich Smetana. His compositions reflect romantic-patriotic expression and Biedermeier salon style of brilliantly virtuosic character. He was a contributor of many magazines and newspapers with his texts on music. He is the author of the following works: “The terms of music”, “Review of classifying music”, “The music of the Serbs”. He gave concerts throughout Austria–Hungary, Serbia and Russia, where he organised a Pan-Slavic concert in 1885. He was on medical service in Kikinda (1872–1881), Sombor (1881–1886), Sarajevo (1887–1892) and Zagreb (1894–1902). He was the editor-in-chief of Zastava in Novi Sad (1892–1893), active in national and political events. He was a member of the Serbian Learned Society, honorary member of the Serbian Royal Academy and of the Literature Department of Serbian Matica. He was buried in Kikinda.

Mirko Grlica

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