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Titus Mačković (Subotica, 20.7.1851 – Subotica, 15.9.1919) was an architect, the chief architect of the town, owner of a brick-factory, newspaper editor etc. His parents were Mária Vasas and lawyer Benedek Mačković (Subotica, ca. 1806 – Subotica, 6.2.1879). He attended grammar school in Subotica from 1862, but finished his secondary education attending three classes of the science high school in Buda. He was in Zürich on studies for engineers from 1869, he studied about road construction and hydraulic engineering in Aachen in 1872, and he attended lectures on the construction of railways and bridges in Vienna in 1873. He opened an engineering office in his native town in 1874, though it seems that he had not completed his studies. He was the chief engineer of the town on two occasions (1.7.1878 – 31.12.1879 and 1.7.1884 – 31.10.1890). At the same time, he designed about ten public buildings in the town and dozens of private homes, villas, chapels. He built his brick-factory near the Senta Cemetery, and also his home in the form of a tower, not far from the factory. In 1904, he wrote a study about the construction of villas, parks and vineyards in Palić. He published the magazine Jelen és Jövő, and he was also a contributor of the newspapers Bácskai Ellenőr, Szabadka, Közvélemény, Szabadság, Szabadkai Hírlap. From his marriage with Katarina Manojlović, there were born: Mária, Leóna, Angéla, Kornélia, Benedek and Anna (MVNS, I – 5633).

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