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The church of Saint Mark the Evangelist was built in Žednik in 1901, designed in Neo-Romanesque style by Zsigmond Maravetz, an architect from Pest, and it was consecrated in 1911. Looking at the outer covering, glazed brick borders alternate with plastered surfaces. The frontal shape is determined by the tower on the right, the head-piece of which was damaged by a thunder stroke in 1925, and it has not been reconstructed since then. The interior of the church reflects the influence of the Franciscan church in Subotica, at the top of the natural stone high altar there is the statue of Saint Mark made of Carrara marble. The entire construction was made in the stonecutter workshop of Hammerle and Co. in Budapest in 1910. Presumably the side-altars of the Heart of Jesus and of Our Lady of Lourdes were also made in this workshop, while the coloured wooden statues were made by the Tyrolean Stufflesser firm. The interior painting of the church was finished in 1936. Martin Džavić, a naïve artist, painted biblical scenes and genre paintings about people in national costumes into the fields bordered by geometric decorative painting. The wrought-iron bars of the former sanctuary cover and the choir-screen, both showing art nouveau characters, were also made according to the plans of the architect.
Korhecz Papp Zsuzsanna
Sekulić, Dr Ante (2011): Selo na raskrižju putova. Stoljetnica žedničke župe. Katolički institut Ivan Antunović, Subotica.