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The chapel of Saint Roch was erected in 1738 by citizens of Subotica led by Franciscans, after their pledge made during the plague epidemic. This building from the 17th century, with semicircular sanctuary closing and a small soul-bell, was renovated by the friars in 1773. Most likely they ordered the altar-piece of glorified Saint Roch then, which was soon afterwards moved to the monastery, since that same year they were deprived the right of leading a parish, giving this right to secular clergy. In the beginning, the chapel was extended with a wooden nave for having church service in it, until the completion of the parish church of Saint Theresa of Avila in 1797. The repeated attempts for demolishing this chapel were upset by the citizens faithful to their pledge. The modest chapel of Saint Roch from the 18th century was rebuilt in Neo-Renaissance style in 1884, based on the plans of a local architect, Titusz Macskovics. After demolishing the altar, there remained only the altar-piece of Saint Roch, made by an average unknown painter, while the wall paintings made by Károly Szauer, a local decorative painter, were also destroyed.
Korhecz Papp Zsuzsanna
Beszédes, Valéria (2003): Kapela svetog Roke Subotica / Szent Rókus kápolna Szabadka. Međuopštinski zavod za zaštitu spomenika kulture Subotica / Községközi Műemlékvédelmi Intézet Szabadka. Subotica / Szabadka.