19 Sveti Sava Street
24300 Bačka Topola

The building in 19 Sveti Sava Street was constructed in 1843, according to the date of year, chiselled into the main girder beam. During its one and a half century long existence, it went through smaller reconstructions, but its appearance and function was not changed fundamentally. It is a trigeminal dwelling-house, typical to the Great Hungarian Plain. Its furnishing was made on the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. A part of the ethnographic items placed in the rural heritage house is permanently displayed, while the rest is from temporary donations. In its current state, with the predominant white and blue colours, it differs a bit from other old houses in Bačka Topola. The rural heritage house was inaugurated in 1986, being an important monument of the town ever since. During the rethinking of the function of the house, there was built a stage for those who deal with traditions and traditional culture, which has been the place of concerts and workshops, thus attracting people interested in various forms of folklorism – folk dance and folk music.
Árpád Papp