Address: 2 Tsar Dušan Street
24000 Subotica, Serbia
Phone: +381 (0)24-553-115
E-mail: subiblioteka@gmail.com

This building at the corner of two streets emerged after the restoration and extension of the century-old baroque manor of the Skenderović family from Subotica, in neo-baroque style, based on Ferenc Raichle’s (Apatin, 1869 – Budapest, 1960) projects for the purposes of the National Casino. Its construction lasted from 1895 to 1896. On the ground floor of the most gorgeously decorated part facing the square, there are two atlantes executed in high relief as the supporting girders of the balcony. According to some unconfirmed data, these are made by a famous sculptor, Ede Telcs. Between the atlantes there is the mythical Turul bird spreading its wings, which indicates the time when the building was created: the Hungarian millennium celebrations. A memorial of this bird had also stood on the square opposite the building. Above the balcony there is situated a coat of arms surrounded by putti, and given that the latter have expressed feminine attributes, we can assume that these figures are nymphs. On the top of the shield there is a crown, and at its foot there is a mask of a satire referring to fun and enjoyment. At the top of this facade there is a niche having a sitting female figure in it with her gaze looking down. This building was the National Casino until 1918, between the two world wars it became the Civilian Casino, while after the war there was located the Officers’ Club until 1953. The Municipal Library of Subotica has been seated here since 1953.
(Olga K. Ninkov)
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