Address: 60 Tito Marshal Street
24300 Bačka Topola, Serbia

Phone: +381 (0)24-716-093

The Museum of Bačka Topola was officially opened on 15th September 2002 as a subsidiary of the Municipal Museum of Subotica. It is located in the former castle of the Kray family. Curators of the Municipal Museum of Subotica have developed certain segments of the permanent exhibition, which represents the complexity of the museum’s collection and consists of archaeological, biological, ethnological, historical and artistic parts, each of them pointing to special areas of Bačka Topola and its surroundings. The fine arts exhibition presents the history of art in Bačka Topola over displaying the works of Péter Nagyapáti Kukac, István Kis Zombori, Ilona Acsádi, Stipan Kopilović, József Ács, Péter Bicskei and others. After presenting the details of local history and literature, there follows a presentation of plants and animals living in the valley of the Krivaja Stream, as well as of findings from archaeological sites in Bačka Topola, and finally a memorial room of Dr János Hadzsy (Ricz 2003). Beside the permanent exhibition displayed in this museum, there are also some thematic exhibitions of objects from the museum’s collection, while the foyer on the ground floor often serves as an exhibition room for works of art made during the Bačka Topola art colony and for other temporary exhibitions.
Ljubica Vuković Dulić
1. Ricz Péter (2003): Depandansa Gradskog muzeja u Bačkoj Topoli – o muzeju /muzejima/ Bačke Topole. Museion 3. 22-36.