János Hadzsy (Szentes, 5.4.1851 – Bačka Topola, 13.6.1903) was a doctor. He started his medical studies in Pest in 1869 and completed them in 1874. He spent the following four years as an intern at the hospital of St. Roch in Budapest. He went to Bačka Topola with his wife, Zsófia Andrássy, where he started the organisation of health services. He bought a couple of houses and transformed them into surgery, operating room, waiting room etc. He devoted much attention to educating citizens. He held lectures on nutrition, home decorating, alcoholism, disease prevention. He initiated the drilling of the first artesian well. He was a deputy in the parliament of Hungary and a founder of the Voluntary Fire Brigade (1885). After his death, the grateful residents of Bačka Topola named a street after him in 1904, and in 1908 they raised his bust made by sculptor Ede Telcs. Today the memorial plaques in Szentes and Bačka Topola serve as reminiscent of his life and work.

Mirko Grlica

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