Sarcevic Ambrozije

Petra Drapšina 5

Ambrozije Šarčević (Subotica, 30.3.1820 – Subotica, 29.11.1899) was a lawyer, clerk and publicist. He finished grammar school in Subotica in 1836, and he completed his studies of philosophy in 1837–1838. He finished the first course in law in Oradea in 1839 and the other in Pécs the following year. He became a lawyer in 1842. That year, he was invited to Cluj for the Transylvania Parliament as a stenographer. The following two years, he held the same job at the Hungarian Parliament in Bratislava. At the county elections in 1845, he was elected for honorary deputy prosecutor, being the first county clerk who was not of noble birth. He became a county district administrator in 1848. In the period from 1850 to 1854, he was the District Judge in Almás (Neven, 1.3.1900). He returned back to Subotica in the sixties of the 19th century because of his hearing loss, where he first worked as the chief accountant (IAS, F:2. 6685/polg. 1862), and then as an archivist (IAS, F:2. 3426/polg. 1868). After that, he published the following books: Zbirka mudrih i poučnih izrekah… (1869); Magyar–délszláv közigazgatási és törvénykezési műszótár (1870); Tolmač izvornih, književnih i zemljopisnih jugoslavenskih riči… (1870); Szabadkai levél egy bunyevácz hazafitól Mocsáry Lajos országgyűlési képviselőhöz a bunyevácz nép és annak elemi iskoláiról (1886); Elemi népiskolai magyar – bunyevácz – sokácz szótár (1893); Magyar – Szerb – Horvát – Bunyevácz – Sokácz könyvészeti szótár… (1894).

Mirko Grlica