Manojlovic Emil

Address: 18 Trg Jakaba i Komora
24000 Subotica, Serbia

Emil Manojlović (Subotica, 19.6.1822 – Subotica, 14.4.1897) was a lawyer. He attended schools in Subotica and Pest, where he passed the law examination in 1843/44. After that he returned to Subotica and he worked as a lawyer for the following 24 years. He was a deputy mayor (1857) and a public prosecutor in Subotica during the first half of the seventh decade of the 19th century. At the Annunciation Parliament in 1861, he represented the town, and he was elected for the president of the Serbian Orthodox parish. He was elected to the Hungarian Parliament in Vršac in 1865, with the political program of the left centre. He became a judge of the Court of Cassation in 1867, and he was the president of the Senate of the Curia in the period from 1887 to 1894. He was a member of the committee that wrote many of the laws of Hungary. For his service in this area he received the Cross of the Order of St. Stephen and a noble rank with the predicate “of Alvaro” (Subotičke novine, 3.4.1897). His wife was Emilija Jocić (Subotica, ca. 1832 – Subotica, 27.3.1880) and their children were: Adrián, Izabella, Vera and Paula.

Mirko Grlica

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