Bački Vinogradi

The history of Bački Vinogradi is inseparable from the history of Horgoš. It was first mentioned in 1502, on the occasion of registering the possession of Imre Török. During the Turkish occupation of Hungary, this territory was depopulated. Miklós Kárász, the county recorder of Szeged bought Horgos and Saint Peter Puszta from the Royal Treasury in 1749, and resettled this area with serfs in 1772. In 1894, Bertalan Szobonya bought 140 acres of sand in Királyhalom. He planted grapes and orchards in this area. He moved to Királyhalom in 1897 and founded the farmer’s association, remaining its president for many years. On most of the estates (almost half of the territory) there were growing dessert grapes, mainly chasselas. They also planted fruit trees, but they grew apples in the first place. After World War II there was a huge lack of machinery, therefore most of the work was done with horses. In 1953, the co-operative was transformed into Vinogradar State Farm. Thus the village got its new name, Bački Vinogradi.
Árpád Papp