On the east shore of Lake Ludaš, there is a peasant house, preserved in its original state, the so called Róka’s farm, with a more than a century long history. The recently renovated farmhouse has kept the architectural characteristics of houses form the Hungarian Great Plain. There is a beehive oven in the whitened room with beaten floor. The items arranged on the walls talk about everyday life of ancient peasant world and the people living here. A specialty of the farm is the nowadays quite rare free chimney and corner seat, where long forgotten peasant dishes are made. This farm fully meets the accepted criteria of rural tourism: visitors are expected with homemade meals, old – traditional – toys, the presentation of rural way of life and lifestyle. It has become the essential centre of organised rural tourism, where guests arrive by car or by bus. Seventy years ago, boats cast off from here towards the church of Saint Catherine on the opposite shore.
Árpád Papp