Milosavljevic Milan

Trg žrtava fašizma 12

Milan Milosavlević (ca. 1844 – Subotica, 21.10.1905) was a lawyer and an entrepreneur. In the framework of Hungarian society, the Serbian national community was profiling its own citizenship during the second half of the 19th century, which, among others, paid much attention to education. There were several examples when prominent citizens raised schools from their own funds. Among these, we can find Milan Milosavljević, who built a primary school in Kelebija at the end of 1894, which was a village in the territory of the free royal town of Subotica (Subotičke novine, 1.1.1895). In Kelebija there was a relatively large Serbian community, whose children faced a major challenge in going to school in Subotica. Lawyer Milosavljević, who was also a deputy of the Serbian Church-National Congress, a president of the Serbian Orthodox parish in Subotica for many years (1885–1899), one of the greatest taxpayers, a banker, a passionate hunter and much more, believed that personal example is the best way for the progress of the community. The first teacher Rada Mitić and sixty pupils were the first “users” of this materialised idea of mister Milosavljević.

Mirko Grlica