24 Main Street
24321 Mali Iđoš

The current church was built by the Chamber in 1788. The still operating organ of the church, raised in honour of Saint Anne was made by István Kovács, an organ-builder from Szeged. The church was rebuilt several times. The last monumental renovation took place in 1939. The side-altars and the pulpit got their current location then. Beside the high altar, there are three side-altars, built in simplified Baroque style. The main altar-piece is the work of master Joseph Franciscus Falconer that he painted in Buda in 1791. It depicts Saint Anne and Saint Jehoiakim with the Blessed Virgin Mary between them. The pictures of the side-altars are painted by Mór Than (1828–1899) in Pest in 1868 who was born in Bečej. One of the altar-pieces shows Saint Joseph the carpenter from Nazareth, the betrothed of Blessed Mary, while the other is about Saint John of Nepomuk, the martyr of the confessional secret in the prison. The third side-altar is in the Lourdes cave. It was made of artificial stone in 1938, designed by Károly Molczer, engineer and made by Jakab Siller, master builder, who made the three choirs as well.
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